Learn Why Kennesaw State University is the Top Destination for Transfer Students

In the past five years, almost a third of new students at Kennesaw State University have been transfer students.  Why so many?  Because Kennesaw State University is a transfer-friendly institution committed to providing a seamless transition for you as a transfer student. KSU offers majors in career fields most students want to study, which results in KSU being the university that enrolls the largest number of transfer students in the state of Georgia each year.

Who is Considered a Transfer Student at Kennesaw State University?

Transfer students are students who come to Kennesaw State with 30 or more earned semester hours, or 50 quarter hours, of college credit that will transfer to KSU.  

If you graduated from high school in the last five years, have attended another college, and are coming to KSU with fewer credits than those listed above, you must meet transfer freshman admissions requirements to be accepted.

Non-Traditional/Adult Learners are students who graduated from high school, or whose high school class graduated, five or more years ago. You may have earned a high school diploma or completed a GED. Adult learners also may have attended college but have earned less than 30 transferable credit hours.

Download the Transfer Guide and Check the Top 10 Reasons to Transfer to KSU

Provide your contact information above to receive the Top 10 Reasons to Transfer to KSU, as well as the specific admissions requirements for each of the applicant types listed above. You can also download the Find Your Wings Transfer Guide which has tips and steps that make transferring to Kennesaw State even easier.